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Mystery of flying
explainer video – 2D animation
Bird flight looks so simple, but this is caused by complex physics around the wing profile in the airflow. These processes are explained here in detail - easy to understand and in the context of an amusing little story.
Education should be fun ...
Created with ADOBE AfterEffects and Illustrator. Sounds by EPIDEMICSOUND.com
Concept, design, animation, sound mix: Christian Thamm.
This project (and further animations) I was able to realize in the framework of a grant by "Bild Kunst Kulturwerk" - "Neustart Kultur" - "The commission of the Federal Government for Culture and Media"
... thank you!

Creation process
For the frame story I chose a cartoony visualization and used its style elements (strokes, colors, design) for the reduced representation of the physical processes. To animate all this vividly and bring it into a narrative flow with text elements was the challenge here.
I created all the preliminary work - character, bird and wings, flow processes - in ILLUSTRATOR and imported the paths into AFTER EFFECTS. This allowed me to animate all the elements down to the last detail. So a pure vector design, without a single pixel element. To render the air flow, I applied AE motion and alienation effects.
Thanks for your interest!
© 2021 Christian Thamm

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