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Volcano in time lapse
explanatory video
The life cycle of a volcano - formation deep in the earth, eruption, extinction - is a complex topic. Here it is shown in a very simplified and easy to understand way. To give an impression of the titanic forces at work, I made storytelling, design and sound expressive and exciting. Enjoy it!
Created with ADOBE AfterEffects, Illustrator and Photoshop and sounds by epidemicsound.com.
Concept, artwork, animation, sound mix: Christian Thamm.
This project (and further animations) I was able to realize in the framework of a grant by "Bild Kunst Kulturwerk" - "Neustart Kultur" - "The commission of the Federal Government for Culture and Media".
... Thank you!

Creation process
Everyone knows what a volcanic eruption looks like on the surface of the earth, but there is a big difference between looking at it and staging a chaotic event in an orderly way. That's why I spent a lot of time on a precisely planned choreography of the eruption. This helped me extremely in creating the details (eruptions, clouds, etc.) and the subsequent montage in AFTER EFFECTS. My goal was not to achieve cinema-realistic effects, but to convey a reduced overview in the chaos in the sense of infographic. That's why I only used AE's effects.
The magma parts consist of simple AE paths that I made glow, liquefy and move by using many combined effects. In reality it probably does not look like this in the earth, but it is my interpretation of scientific descriptions about it. The eruptions are created with the AE particle system. The growth of the volcanic mountain was precisely planned. The dust clouds consist of a single cloud image - and lots of AE effects. Production stuff ...
Of course, this explanatory video shows only a very small part of what there is to say about volcanism, but these are then other stories ...
Thank you for your interest!

© 2021 Christian Thamm

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