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Mystery of snowflakes
expanatory video
How a snowflake is created is a complex topic - but this way everyone understands it.
Created with ADOBE AfterEffects, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Concept, artwork and animation: Christian Thamm.

This project (and other animations) I was able to create in the framework of a grant by
"Bild Kunst Kulturwerk" - "Neustart Kultur" - "The commission of the Federal Government for Culture and Media".   ... special thanks!

Creation process
The construction of the snow crystals was the real challenge in this project - to understand how ice crystals grow and how that can be adequately represented and animated in 2D.
From the infinite abundance of crystal variations, I decided on 8 different shapes:

In ILLUSTRATOR I constructed the outer shape and the skeleton, in PHOTOSHOP I created specific grayscale images from them. In AFTER EFFECTS they served as references for several combined AE effects - a real journey of discovery until the result was perfect. Here are three examples:
Making the "iced disc" was a pure pleasure: several elaborately edited Photoshop layers and lots of effects magic in AFTER EFFECTS:
Tiny objects, those snowflakes ... but so much to discover and learn.
Thank you for your interest!

© 2021 Christian Thamm

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