Christian is specialized in presenting complex information in an easily understandable and moving format. Depending on the topic and target group, he develops appropriate storytelling and an expressive design for characters and scenes. He implements the animation in various 2d techniques. His main tools are AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema4D.
Christian has worked for many years in information design for the advertising industry, as art director, illustrator and CEO of his own companies. Since 2018 he has been working mainly in the field of 2d-animation and motion graphics:
» Telling stories in moving pictures with illustrative means - that still inspires me until today. I love working independently in a process that requires constant flexibility and to which I can contribute my core competencies - conception and illustration. «
I like to work on topics from science, technology, medicine, environment, society and economy.
Feel free to ask me - I look forward to hear from you.

#animation #motiongraphic #infographic #explainervideo #animatedchart #gif #titleanimation  #illustration #presentation #education #youtubeadclips # youtubeadvideos
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