A dream story
How does a knobbly biplane get to the moon on a summer night? With self-confidence and a bit of courage for adventure. Many children dream like this - and so do their favourite companions!
For this story, I was interested in visually blurring the boundaries between reality and dream:
The moonlight creates an enchanted night atmosphere with homogeneous colours and hard shadows, which becomes unreal and dreamlike through a slightly vibrating vignette noise. Only the scene in the children's room is reassuringly real - until the dream continues ...

Work process
The construction of the biplane is close to reality, but more like how a child's eye sees a "dream plane", i.e. largely without technical details and 3D perfection. The construction of the biplane and its flight were realised in Cinema4D, rendered and staged in After Effects with ground, background details and sky.
First I planned the flight over the landscape exactly and defined how it would be seen through the camera near the plane. Then I drew the landscape to match it in perspective and dimensions. In After Effects I created the impression of flight by scaling, rotating and moving the landscape drawing.
For the flying scenes through the clouds I used the image of a single cloud, coloured it, alienated it several times, shaped it and used it with effects in different compositions.
The mobile is a complex animated After Effects composition with 3D layers.
Thanks for watching!
©2023 Christian Thamm

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